Friday, November 16, 2012

My Own Tragedy

Been a while since last time I wrote a blog, wasn’t in the mood for writing as I lost inspiration, or in other word I had nothing to talk about really,

Previous Months, weeks, and days, I was suffering from a massive mood swings, been trying to figure what I truly want,

In the beginning of October I was so motivated in running every single day , subscribing on weight watcher , and had everything planned , went to the health club every day , but unfortunately my motivation didn’t last much , by the 15th of October I stopped going replacing the gym or the yoga session with hanging out with my friends ,

I simply discovered today that I stopped and chosen to be around people because simply I am feeling lonely , and I want to be surrounded with people I love the most to get some inspiration to talk to have our singing loudly in the car sessions .

I am simply homesick to a place that never existed , trapped in a story where I think I’d have an end to it ,but not realizing that I am the author am the creator , I am the one who thinks there is something real about it .

You know when you feel there is still unfinished business with some one ,

You know when you feel you are weirdly attached to a person who aren’t there for you anymore

You know when you feel you hate someone but you still love him in the same time ,

You know when you feel you want them back, but you won’t take a step forward because you know they’ll let you down,

You know when you feel that a person betrayed you; let you down, but still feel they are clean,

You know when how feels when you see someone who seems to be them, your heart suddenly beats up, then you realize it’s not him , with a stupid on your face .

Have you ever been in a middle of a million things and all of sudden for a moment you remember something nice they did to you ,

Have you ever had this person, that really breaks your heart in to pieces but you still know that if they said sorry you’d be opening a new page of trust for them.

Have you ever had this person that messes you life upside down , and leave you with million unanswered questions ,

Have you ever felt that you want hit someone so bad , but in the same time you can’t , because what hurt them hurt you back ,

That’s my own tragedy ,, more blogs to be written on that

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