Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Be Happy

I couldn’t wake up at time today , I kept hearing the alarm singing and singing and I kept snoozing and snoozing ,once my teacher Chantal one of the people who influenced my character once told me” Nemo , You Snooze You Lose ”. I was really tired I went to wash my face my eyes was swollen , I kept on staring on my face saying who are you , then I replied back a women who is entitled to build her self , and kick A** ,
Prepared my self to go do some business , I drove my lovely car who every one look at it as if its old piece but i was always in love with her .. She is my secret keeper I live in it 50% of my day..
My friend called me in the morning saying “Nermo, the new Job I am applying for need me to recommend a dearest friend of mine as a reference can I write your name my old friend “
She added a smile on my face its nice to be called Old friend its one of the greatest titles I ever had,, I love my friends all of them a amazing people every one has his or her own Beauty .
Lately I wasn’t that active at all , I was silly felt so old because I had no power , when I though about its not a physical power that move people , its not there muscular ability that achieve victories its your spiritual power its your emotional power its your will . and unfortunately lately I have been focusing on what brings me down spiritually and emotionally ,
The Holly month of Ramadan is coming I will be preparing my self for a time to nurture my spiritual seeds and develop a better inner soil as I feel empty I rarely pray , not because I don’t want to pray but because I am not spiritually motivated , I don’t know what’s the hell I am waiting for , but I’ll work really hard the upcoming days to cure my soul with praying . I see praying as a mindset not just a language or a belief , when you do good you feel good , when you feel good you act good , when you love people and do them good , God will bring in your life those who take a helping hand . That’s the way things goods.
I should create me, I should learn how to be attached to God, life isn’t about finding your self, and Life is about creating your self.
Today while I was driving I was remembering those friends I lost over the past years , I was thinking about those moments of happiness , those opportunities I missed , those goodbyes I never said , I find my self giving million reasons to my self to be sad , then I said to my self “ The Reason why people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better that it was , The present worse than it is , and the future less resolved than it will be .. hell No the past is not that amazing , Those people who is not their any more aren’t worse it honey , present will seems better if you chosen to see it better, better opportunities  is ahead if you just be little more patient  , and future will be fruitful as long as you do you homework good today . .
And in the end of the day I believe we never really learn from the 1st mistake or the second mistake , or the third , its only hits us when we’ve given the last chance .
Who Ever is reading This , Just Smile and enjoy your morning . Cheers